Investing can be a challenge

We have the knowledge to help you achieve your property investment goals

Investment Advice for all

We help all investor types including first time property investor’s, owner occupier’s, SMSF retiree’s and high net worth clients.

We match you to property

Our investment process provides you with investment property ideally suited to match your specific circumstances.

Tailored Property Solutions

Our aim is to provide each valued client of ours with tailored investment strategies to reach their financial goals.

National Market Knowledge

Our Consultants are educated in most states of the Australian property market providing a key advantage of which market is progressing.

Minimum Deposit Required

Minimum Salary Req pa $k

Years Req to Build Wealth

Net Equity Potential in $million's

Vital Investment Options

Investment Funds

We offer investors an opportunity to jointly fund the property development process for a shared return on investment.

House and land packages

We offer positively geared full turn key packages in strong investment locations with quality builders.

New Apartments

We work with Australias most respected developers to offer apartments off the plan in proven CBD locations across Australia.

Why invest with us?

A high level of service with an educational approach

A structured approach tailored to every individual

Access to the best investment property in Australia

Why invest in property?

Property Investment = Wealth

Wealthy people have used real estate for wealth creation, and property investment consistently remains the safest way to achieve wealth.

Anyone can do it

Most Australians with a steady job, equity or some cash behind them can afford to buy investment property.

Investment Security

The reason banks lend a significant portion of the value of your property is that they know property values have never fallen over the long-term.

The Tenant Pays

Your tenant cover’s most of the ongoing costs to own your investment property and help you gain wealth.

Income That Grows

You can borrow against the rental income from your investment property, as it increases over the years whilst the interest can be fixed.

Tax benefits

Property investors are able to take advantage of a range of tax benefits and deductions.

Investment Property Glossary

Financial Growth

Capital Gain
Capital gain refers to the increase in value of your investment property upon sale.

In other words, if you buy an investment property and then sell it for more than you paid, you have a capital gain. Capital gain is only realized upon sale, even if your investment property rises in value during the time you own it.

Return on Investment (ROI)
A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment property. To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.
Investment Property Tax Deductions
You utilise your ownership costs and depreciation to reduce your taxable income. Allowable deductions include rent, loan interest, repairs and maintenance, insurance, property managers fee’s, council rates and building depreciation.

Investment Options

Negative gearing
The income from an investment property is lower than the costs and you are required to contribute to the short fall in costs to support the investment property.

Adding the word ’gearing’ to these terms simply means that the property has been acquired using finance (borrowings) and that interest on that borrowing forms part of the outgoings.

Neutral gearing
The income from an investment property is neutral, and requires little or no contribution from you to support the investment.
Positive gearing
The income from an investment property increases your taxable position and exceeds the costs to own the property. These investment property types are called cash-flow positive properties.

Investment Types

Off the plan Apartments
These types of investments provide a good chance of capital gain because you are buying before or during construction.

If the property increases in value during the completion of construction, you benefit from the growth in value.

House and Land Packages
When you build a new property, you can be assured of quality standards, increase in land value, and equity growth based on bringing a new property to the market. The re-sale price is often significantly higher and you can maximise rental returns and tax depreciation.
Whether a small 4 – 10 unit site, or becoming a joint venture partner in a multi storey apartment project, being “the developer” will always provide you the highest returns. Our team can help you manage associated risks.

Purchase costs

Equity you put into the property in cash or from another asset. The purchase value balance is usually borrowed.
Mortgage Application Fees
A fee for the mortgage application, valuations, mortgage insurance and processing can sometimes apply.
Stamp Duty
Stamp duty is a tax imposed on buying real estate paid by the purchasers based on the value of the transaction.
Strata Fees
These are grouped maintenance fees and costs for the building and are generally payable quarterly by owners of apartments, units and townhouses.
Local Council Rates
For providing the community infrastructure and are collected by the local council.
Water Rates
For providing water to the property and are collected by the local water company. In many cases these are paid by the tenant under the terms of the lease.
Property Management
A monthly management fee for a rental manager to manage the investment manager and collect rent on your behalf.

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