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A Collection of Testimonials

Provided below are a selection of testimonials written from our clients describing their experiences and journey with us.

These open and honest accounts of the service we provided support our approach of an honest ethical and educational approach to presenting investment property.


Customer Satisfaction


I am writing to you to express our sincere appreciation regarding the guidance, support and out of this world customer service delivered by Doug.

It is difficult in this day and age to trust a property professional considering the poor publicity and horror stories you hear. I can say without fear or favour that the integrity, professionalism and courtesy shown by Doug has been truly exceptional.

His ability to inform, navigate through unforeseen obstacles, and think and liaise on his feet is truly remarkable. It obviously shows that Doug’s passion is more about helping people invest that suits their lifestyle and affordability rather than lining his own pocket. I cannot recommend Doug highly enough.

There are no words on this planet that can describe what Doug does. I feel like a fool because I cannot speak or describe what he does any better. I am sure that we will do business again and I could not have attained the result I did, had Doug and Vital Property Group not been involved.

Our praise and blessings go to you Doug and Vital Property Group. It has been our privilege to have dealt with you.

Both L and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Doug to many more people who are looking for an honest, genuine, dedicated and sincere advisor.

Again thankyou and congratulations on your dedication to detail, integrity and professionalism and, furthermore, please accept our heart warmed thanks.

J&L T – 26th May


We had visited the display a number of times but had not met Doug during those visits. Our knowledge of borrowing refinance options was in hindsight poor and this led us to believe we were unable to invest in Aria Swanbourne.

We randomly visited the display in late July to see how many had sold but had resolved ourselves to being unable to purchase. That random visit and meeting Doug has by no stretch of the imagination changed our lives for the better.

Within an hour of meeting he completed the following :

(1) Reviewed our asset holdings and investment potential (owners of a home with approximate equity of 80%).

(2) Briefed us on our entitlement to mortgage draw down which we were now previously aware and has educated us so we appreciate our financial position represent great future potential and how to limit associated costs.

(3) Facilitated telephone phone calls with the bank repeatedly ensuring we were handled professionally by the bank and not hindered given our lessor knowledge.

(4) Achieved an agreed draw down and arrangements were then put in place for the monies to be received within days all over the phone without any face to face.

(5) Further, Doug went to extraordinary lengths to helps us appreciate benefits and negatives of apartments using creative techniques so we could get an actual feel for the dynamics of view, outlook, spacing and cost benefit.

He used furniture to depict spacing and angles of positioning of rooms and display boards to reflect view and perspective and hence created scenarios which then enabled us to make an informed decision which we are now so ever thankful. His contract discussions were detailed and well explained, colour choices and options were well informed and supported good decision making.

The above was a moving experience for Ami and myself as we had entered the display Centre one last time resigned were not investing and departed uplifted, informed and certainty created around our finances and future investing potential – it was an incredible afternoon thanks entirely to the professionalism, ethical balance, humorous personality and motivating personality of Doug Ithier.

In Summary

Ami and myself welcome the opportunity to provide a personal reference for Doug as he has without exaggeration changed our lives for the better and we intend to use him for our future property considerations in future.

Ami and Stuart McKay – 12th August


I am a recent client of Mr Doug Ithier, who sold me an apartment in the Tribeca project located in The Springs in Rivervale, WA. I am writing this letter because I wanted to bring to your attention and highlight what a valuable asset Doug is.

This was my first property purchase and despite all my homework and researching I could not discount my anxious and perturbing state of mind however, I am glad I walked through the sliding doors of the Tribeca sales office.

Doug was different because he wasn’t pushy and concerned about meeting quotas or commission as I had experienced with the other sales offices I had attended to prior to the Tribeca sales office. His approachable character made dealing with him a very tranquil experience as I was in a situation of confusion and uncertainty with the enigma associated with the dilemmas of a young adult purchasing an apartment.

The moment I met him, he looked like he was happy to be there and greeted me with a warm smile. Doug was very accommodating to any queries and uncertainties that I had and it made me felt like we was there to genuinely help me.

Not only is he a nice person, he was very informative and wise. Doug knew recent stats that were consistent with my homework and presented the product very well. Doug had all the appropriate tools and knowledge required to depict his knowledge.

His use of technology, especially his iPad and appropriate apps, made things clearer and realistic, but the most commendable aspect of Doug’s presentation was how he brought the project to life and showed me what the actual size and dimensions of the apartment would look like. He went through the trouble to measure out and show me, there and then at the sales office the specific details of apartment and how big the rooms and certain areas of the apartment would be.

Not only did he present the project well, he highlighted beneficial aspects of the suburb and the surrounding shops and locations that were all relative to me. His extensive knowledge of the upcoming projects in the local area was also helpful to me as it helped me picture what living there would look like.

I have highly recommended without reservation Mr Doug Ithier to my close friends and family and have accompanied a few of them to see the Tribeca project and they have all stated how delightful and comforting Doug was as he walked them through the project.

Doug was an absolute blessing to work with and my experience with him has been a very satisfying and reassuring one due to his benevolent nature, extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience. There was nothing he didn’t know or wasn’t able to confidently answer, especially his sound financial knowledge was definitely a beneficial insight and guideline for me.

Doug was very empathetic to me and was not afraid to share bits of his life and past experiences with me and went out of his way to make the purchasing experience less daunting and positive.

I will be coming to him for property advice and purchases. I think someone of his caliber and expertise could definitely help people become better at what they do by modelling what he does. Just from my sale alone, and the time he took out for me to walk through the contract with me so make me feel safe, was more than enough for me to commend him for his excellent skill and unmatched service.

All in all I would like to say a BIG thank you to Doug for being patient with and working with me.

David Yun – 31st May

I am writing to provide our testimonial below:

Doug recently sold me my first home at Tribeca South apartments in Rivervale, Perth.

My first contact with Doug was through email during an enquiry about visiting the on-site office. He immediately suggested meeting with him prior to the home open taking place that weekend. This was to ensure that I would have the best selection of apartments to choose from in the event that I made a purchase. We agreed to meet in my time on ANZAC day.

Upon meeting with Doug, it was clear that he had the answers for all questions that I had to ask, sometimes even before I asked them. These questions were answered directly and concisely and he maintained a strong sense of integrity.

Knowing that I was a first home buyer, Doug was aware of my budget and therefore catered his presentation to my situation. He was well prepared, not only in his delivery but also through the tools he used. He used an app on his smart phone for making financial calculations and he brought a tape measure to assist in giving me an idea of the size of the apartment.

When it came to purchasing the property, Doug went through the contract with me in a step-by-step process. All parts that I did not understand, he was happy to put into layman’s terms. Again, he demonstrated his preparation by highlighting all of the aspects that he thought was important to discuss with me.

Ultimately, I have come to trust Doug in all property related matters. I had a very positive experience throughout the sale process with him and he helped mediate an important transaction in my life. I would not hesitate to go through that process again and I have no reservations against seeking property advice from Doug in future.

Thanks again for helping me buy my first home!

Daniel Sargent – 26th April


I found Doug to be extremely professional at all times and very knowledgeable of the property market.

I met him before my finance was sorted and he referred me to a broker which was a God send.

He also took the time to help me research other properties outside of his scope which he certainly did not have to do but he did & it really helped me feel more secure in my decision to purchase a new property.

All in all, I enjoyed the process of house hunting with Doug and if/when the opportunity arose in the future I would not hesitate to use Doug’s services again.

Merisha Ansell – 29th May

Rick & I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the wonderful service you have given us.

Not only did you help to clarify an issue that we had with our ‘Ace ‘apartment purchase, you also went above & beyond by giving us a terrific deal with our Tribeca apartment purchase.

Both of us know that good will goes a long way when you work in the public arena.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others and look forward to the journey towards completion of these developments.

Carolyn Nathan and Richard Medland – 23 April

Stephan and I would like to thankyou for making the purchase of our apartment so effortless.

As we told you we really were only coming into have a look as the idea of apartment living is still a relatively new concept for me and I wanted to see what was on offer.

I appreciated your easy going manner and the fact you were so forthcoming with information that was relevant for us as both investors and potential homeowners.

The fact you weren’t pushy and didn’t waste our time made the decision to make this impulse buy a pleasant experience for both of us.

Looking forward to the following months to see the next chapter of our lives come to fruition.

I feel confident that your passion and enthusiasm will make this venture one of our most enjoyable so far.

Vicki and Stephan Bunting – 22nd April

A belated thank you for your guidance and assistance when we purchased #13 @ TRIBECA South.

As  you know we actually had no intention of buying such a property – we just came to look.

You were happy with that – obviously in demand it took some time to get your undivided attention. We did eavesdrop …..

You addressed our curiosity, provoked a few more questions, focused on our concerns, addressed questions from our perspective – and we ended up buying.

We were really impressed with your thorough research on both the TRIBECA project, the surrounding developments and options we could also consider.

You understood the complexities of our situation re timing and investment prospects.

It was a positive experience; no pressure.  You were always available until the transaction was complete, telling us what to expect at each stage.

Thank you for the support; we remain happy with our purchase.

Lindy and Rob Nelson – 2nd May

Brodie and I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for your assistance in the purchase of our first property and first investment.

We greatly appreciate the many hours you spent with us, both explaining the Tribeca property, The Springs and generally giving us an education on properly investment!

We were clearly hesitant being our first time purchasing property, however the time you spent explaining everything to us enabled us to be confident to sign, and extremely happy with our decision to do so.

We can’t thank you enough and won’t hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends, or seek your advice for our next real estate endeavour!

Alana and Brodie Mitchell – 10th June

From my first contact with on the phone you were helpful and clear about what was on offer at the Aria apartments. You easily answered my questions, and were obviously keen that I make a visit to the showroom.

In the showroom you were enthusiastic and positive about your product, and made a point of highlighting many of the smaller benefits that separate this project from many others.

You understood what I was looking for as an investment, and were able to contribute to my understanding of what would make a good choice of apartment, without needing to push or sway me to anything that was beyond my scope.

The presentation of the contract was well planned out…I’d seen a few of these recently, and your approach to going through particular details gave me confidence that I had understood all of the salient points.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the process, and am confident that you’ve set me on the right track with a good investment.

Thanks very much for your help.

Jamal Fozdar – 7th August

We must express our heartfelt appreciation to Doug Ithier for his assistance with our purchase within the new Aria development at Swanbourne.

Doug is proactive, accommodating and professional, and we would not have been able to do this without his help and support.

The quality of service, follow up and genuine care is unsurpassed, and we wholeheartedly recommend Doug to anyone considering such a purchase.

Matthew Peach and Caitlin Roberts – 25th July

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